Residential Construction

Kitchen Remodeling

Have you ever had people over to your house for dinner or a social gathering? We’re sure you’ll agree that nine times out of ten, everyone ends up gathering in the kitchen. Whatever the reason, a kitchen is the main gathering place in a home.                 

The kitchen is a dining space, home office, entertainment area, and even the room where homework is done. Look around… are you truly happy with how your kitchen looks? Is it as functional as it could be? Is it comfortable for others? Is it in need of updating?

Kitchen remodeling continues to be the most impressionable thing people can do to increase a home’s value for the short and long-term. If your kitchen needs a facelift or lifestyle upgrade, Crockett Construction Inc. can help you with each and every detail in adding new life into your kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling

Imagine for a moment waking up from a long winter night and walking into a luxurious, large bathroom with beautiful, heated tile floors and warm towels awaiting you. You turn on the water for your temperature-controlled, multi-head shower in your newly appointed two-person shower, and ease into your busy day. Ahhh… now that’s how to start the day! Gone will be the days of running the water for several minutes to avoid those teeth-chattering water temperatures, or having that tired, old bathroom.

Next to an upgraded kitchen, adding or remodeling a bathroom is the best investment you can put into your home. Crockett Construction Inc. has the expertise and knowledge to help you design the perfect bathroom for your needs. We have popular bathroom packages to accommodate most common bathroom sizes and layouts to help you in the decision-making process.

Home Additions & Renovations

Do you sometimes feel like you’re living on top of each other? No time to call your own and relax in your own home? Maybe it’s time to think about adding a room to your house, or upgrading the space that you have.

You would be surprised how an expert can assess your living space and give ideas for a room addition or upgrades that are consistent with the homes original architecture.

Adding on to an existing home is especially attractive to families with good neighbors, good schools, and the desire to stay in their existing home. Crockett Construction Inc. provides a design/build approach to the additions we construct. We specialize in both 1st and 2nd floor additions. Our most popular addition and renovation projects consist of master bedroom suites, additional bedrooms, family rooms, expanding kitchens and bathrooms, and private spaces for aging parents.

Basement Remodeling

“Basement”… it’s such a drab sounding word that brings to mind things like musty-smelling, damp, dingy, creepy and cobwebs – blah! Now, picture yourself, family and friends heading down to your “Man-cave”… “Movie Theater”… “Hide-away”… whatever you dream it to be – we have transformed dingy, lifeless basements into a refuge for escaping from the daily pressures of life.

If you have a basement, you have potential to have something wonderful. Want a home office? Your very own media room? A personal spa retreat? Perhaps additional living quarters for aging parents or growing teenagers? Crockett Construction Inc. can transform your dreams into reality and finally turn that dingy basement into something fabulous.

In most cases, renovating a basement costs only a fraction of what would be spent to build a comparable room addition elsewhere. Lower costs per square foot can be obtained by utilizing existing walls, floors, ceilings, and mechanicals.

Outdoor / Exterior Contracting

Consider your backyard as a blank canvas where ideas and possibilities are many. Amenities can be added to make the outdoor areas of your home more enjoyable and more attractive. Maybe you are considering a place to enjoy the great outdoors, or be “the” place to be for backyard barbecues in your neighborhood.

Crockett Construction Inc. can create the perfect outdoor area and getaway for gatherings with family and friends with custom one of a kind deck, a screen room, a 3-season room, or a pergola to provide shade on a hot summer day. We have the design experience and construction knowledge to guide you through the many possibilities to create the perfect outdoor space.

Are your old windows letting cold air in during the winter? Today’s windows are made to be energy efficient, durable, quiet, and maintenance free. Or, maybe you’re looking to give the exterior of your home a facelift and have better curb. Let our experts sit down with you to assess your needs, and survey your home for a free quote and design ideas.

Renovation Ideas

Have you been wanting to try something new in your home but not sure where to begin? Check out some renovation ideas to spark your imagination! 

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