Bathrooms -

Do you want to kick your relaxation up a notch???
Trends show that the family bath has double in size since the 1950's. Statistics show that large comfortable bathrooms with luxurious whirlpool baths and walk-in tiled showers are second only to gourmet kitchens on the list of preferred home remodeling projects. A homes bathroom has become an oasis from the stress of everyday living.

Adding or remodeling a bathroom is a sound investment. In most regions of the country, about 90% of the money invested in a bathroom remodeling project is returned when the home is sold; more if the project involves adding a master bathroom or a second bathroom to a one bathroom home. Crockett Construction Inc. has the expertise and knowledge to help you design the perfect bathroom for your needs. We have even developed popular bathroom packages to accommodate the most common bathroom sizes and layouts to help you in the decision making process.